Allen Pooley - The Man, The Myth, The Website

I am Allen Pooley

I am a

I'm Allen. I make websites, manage servers, and do occasional dabbling in PHP and Javascript for Websavers. I'm a general techno-geek with a love of all things gadget and tech related. Strangely enough, I'm also one of the owners of Darn Yarn, a Canadian Online Yarn Store I run with my wife.

What I do:

Resolve tech headaches

From server problems to website woes, I'm on the job to resolve issues and get things back to proper working order.

Server Administration

Running into bottlenecks with your linux server environment? I've got years of experience in optimizing and managing servers.

Website Optimization

Whether or not you've got control of the server environment, there's plenty that can be done to speed up a website.


Documentation is key to what I do; when a project is handed off, you'll have a document with details as to what was done and what to do.

Friendly Service

I'm here to educate, empower, and deliver results - all with a positive and friendly demeanor!